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Friction PU-DISC

The Friction Discs, made of either rubber or ceramics, are assembled together with other parts for a texturing unit as shown in the photo, and work to produce synthetic filaments in a micron thin size from fibers via the stretching-twisting processes in the texturing machine. In the case of our Pu-Disc, “Resilience Twisting” process is applied by friction force, induced during running the fiber on the surface of the discs rotating at a high speed, while it is mechanically done with rough surface of the ceramics discs. Thus, the product texturized with the Pu-Discs has an advantageous quality such as:

●Less damage on the filament after the processing,
●Better texturing ability,
●Filament strength is kept to the original after processing ,
●Generation of fluff staff is prevented during processing
To help to achieve plumy feeling fabrics, our PU-Disc is made of “Polyurethane Rubber” which was specifically developed with these excellent characteristics:
●Keep the friction force stable through the service life,
●Wear resistance for high speed operation,
●High temperature resistance,
●Oil resistance.
Additionally, the structural superiority of our Pu-Disc is well accepted by our customers for a better operation due to the uniformity in quality regardless production lots:
●Excellently polished surface without micron size flaw,
●High accurate dimensions,
●Ridged in high speed operation.

t φD φd
6(5.9) 45.00 12.00
6(5.9) 45.50 12.00
6(5.9) 46.00 12.00
6(5.9) 46.50 12.00
6(5.9) 47.50 12.00
6(5.9) 49.60 12.00
6(5.9) 50.00 12.00
6(5.9) 51.20 12.00
9(8.7) 52.00 12.00 ,14.45
9(8.7) 52.50 12.00 ,14.45
9(8.7) 52.80 12.00 ,14.45
9(8.7) 58.00 12.00 ,14.45