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Charge Roller

charge roller
One of the ways to electrify the photo-receptor drum in the electro-photo graphic process is to utilize conductive roller. It is more commonly used due to its less ozone production compared to corona discharge device, and also to its requirement for low voltage, thus leading to the protection of environment.
We are offering excellent Charge Roller in order to meet all sorts of requirements with the following technologies.

Compound technology for conductive material
● Electrical conductivity could be altered by choice, and keep constant level of electrical resistance.
⇒We offer Charge Roller with extremely stable conductivity brought by compound technology.

Surface treatment technology
● Charge Roller in contact with photo-receptor needs to be free from contamination by toner or paper dusts.
⇒We offer Charge Roller excellent in long-life by the most suitable surface treatment technology.

Machining technology
● The Charge Roller needs to be processed to extremely precise dimension so that the roller contacts evenly to the photo-receptor drum.
⇒We offer accurate Charge Roller from small diameter to crown shape brought by the technology of precise grinding process.