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Development Roller

development roller
The Development Roller is one of the components in a printing machine that uses electro-photo graphic process to electrify toner to be transferred to photo-receptor drum.
We are offering excellent Development Roller in order to meet all sorts of requirements with the following technologies.

Compound technology
● With applied pressure, Development Roller is constantly in contact with photo-receptor drum and development blade. In order to minimize permanent compression and avoid contamination to photo-receptor drum, the Development Roller requires the intermediate resistance dielectric elastomer.

Surface treatment technology
● Surface of Development Roller needs to be extremely uniform in order to charge and transfer toner.
⇒We provide Development Roller with uniform surface specification controlled by the original technologies for the surface material and treatment.

Machining technology
● The Development Roller needs to be processed to extremely precise dimension so that the roller contacts evenly to other parts.
⇒We provide the accurate Development Roller in various shapes brought by the technology of precise grinding process.