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Assuming that companies are members of society, we as a manufacturer of precision functional rubber parts for general industrial equipment including office equipment recognize that business activities and products have a broad environmental impact on a global scale and pursue initiatives to protect the environment voluntarily and continuously always keeping the next and further generations in mind.

We strive to grasp the environmental impact accurately and endeavor to prevent contamination in the course of our business activities from development through manufacture and delivery of products.

We work to comply with environment-related regulations and other requirements and pursue reductions in environmental loads.

We work to promote energy-saving, resource recycling, waste reduction and efficient use of raw materials and pursue initiatives to protect the environment, in an effort to prevent global warming.

We strive to strengthen the chemical substance management system and endeavor to provide products without hazardous chemical materials.

We aim to improve and set and regularly review environmental goals and promote environmental performance.

We aim to ensure that all employees working in or for organizations are aware of our Environmental Policy.

We work to make this Policy open to public.
Established on 1 March, 2011
Revised on 1 March, 2016